Izzy & Moe Reel #2

Known for their captivating harmonies and polished delivery, Izzy and  Moe form a sultry, beautifully blended power duo who combine a versatile repertoire with their own stunning spin on your favorites, creating an evening to remember. Using the occasional loop pedal, Izzy and Moe's capability of rounding  out their style and performance is why they are a consistent favorite  among viewers of all ages.

Izzy & Moe reel #1

Together, Izzy and Moe form a musical power duo who plays a little bit of everything - from Sam Cooke to Bruce Springsteen, from Bob Marley to Tracy Chapman, from Radiohead to Lady Antebellum - leaving happy listeners after every performance. They don't use tracks or gimmicks, they thrive on the purity and beauty of live, acoustic music. Perfect for gatherings, weddings, corporate events. Their two voices along with Moe's unique style of play become one sound and perfect addition to your venue.